Voice Chat Moderation for games

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ToxMod is the only proactive, voice-native moderation solution for games, enabling studio to uncover toxicity in real time, moderate voice chat effectively, and build positive experiences for players. With increased retention and happier players,   ToxMod pays for itself

Reduce player churn

  Evil germ icon (2) Identify and address up to 100x more nefarious behavior than player reports alone, which miss unreported activity like radicalization or child predation


  door icon (1) Prevent ~10% monthly churn resulting from severe voice chat toxicity  


Boost revenue

  money icon Enable full coverage visibility across all in-game voice chat at a fraction of the cost of other tools


  integration icon Integrate ToxMod in less than a day, saving valuable time for engineering and tech teams  


Empower your moderators

  clock icon (1) Prioritize the worst harms in-game, empowering your moderators to be 10x more productive


  AUTOMATION ICON Autonomously moderate bad behavior based on your preferences, enabling moderators to do more meaningful work  


ToxMod supports:

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How ToxMod Works


1. Triage

ToxMod triages voice chat data to determine which conversations warrant investigation and analysis, reducing resources needed.


2. Analyze

ToxMod analyzes the tone, context, and perceived intention of those filtered
conversations using machine learning and AI.


3. Escalate

ToxMod escalates harmful language and severe toxicity directly to moderators so they can mitigate bad behavior in real time.

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